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Under health and safety law, you have a duty to ensure that your water system is as low-risk as is reasonably possible to help prevent bacterial growth and the subsequent health hazards to the building’s occupants.


BrodexTrident have experience working with customers, from a variety of sectors, to assist with controlling the risk of legionella and carrying out remedial services. Common issues that we can help to rectify include:

  • Dead ends / Infrequently used outlets on the water system
  • Cold water storage tanks that do not meet WRAS approved standards
  • Water temperatures between 20-45oC within the system and in storage vessels
  • Poor turnover of water within the system
  • Deposits in stored water vessels and in water system that support bacterial growth

What we do

  • Water system and tank chlorination and disinfection.
  • Fitting of rodent screens, insulation, valves and drains.
  • Cutting back dead ends as far back as possible or fitting valves to allow flushing.
  • Cold water storage tank renovation, removal and replacements.
Case Study - Water Treatment

Residential Water Treatment Case Study

Brodex are water treatment specialists in the social care sector. Services include legionella risk assessments, care home water testing and sampling, water tank servicing, heating systems maintenance and TMV servicing. We are committed to assisting this sector given the vulnerability of those individuals in residential care. This includes children, elderly people, those with reduced mental capacity and also those who cannot act quickly enough to prevent injury.

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