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BrodexTrident have extensive knowledge and expertise of the factors that contribute to legionella risk and have carried out risk assessments for a variety of sectors across the UK. Whether you have a spa pool or a high-risk population, our risk assessments are specific to the potential risks at your site and are compliant with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice on Legionella Prevention, L8 and HSG274 Part 2.

What we do

  • Documented risk assessment overview, including schematics diagrams of your water system and assets with photographic evidence.
  • Detailed summary of significant findings and remedial actions identified in the risk assessment.
  • Temperatures of the hot and cold water services taken from key areas throughout the building.
  • Survey of any cold water storage tanks and hot water storage vessels.
  • Review of your current water management scheme and any recommendations for improvements.
  • Provide an overall risk score for the premises and recommended review date.
  • Identification of potential scald risks with recommendations.
  • Survey of other risk systems identified (e.g. dental lines, water softeners, fountains etc).
  • Training for site staff on carrying out in-house monitoring tasks.
Case Study - Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessments Case Study

There are special considerations that must be taken when carrying out legionella risk assessments for sites that fall under the social care sector; i.e. scald risk vs. legionella risk, high-risk populations and potential increases in monitoring frequencies. All BrodexTrident Engineers are qualified to carry out risk assessments and have years of experience working in the social care sector. Our Engineers work to ensure that residents and staff face minimal disruptions to their day-to-day routines and that all tasks are carried out safely and meet regulation requirements.

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