Our service

BrodexTrident offer a range of services in relation to air quality that help you remain compliant with building and insurance regulations, while also ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors to your premises. The following factors can contribute to “Sick Building Syndrome” and should be managed and controlled to reduce the risk to your business:

  • High temperature or excessive variations in temperature during the day
  • Very low or high humidity
  • Chemical pollutants, e.g tobacco smoke, ozone, volatile organic compounds from building materials and furnishings
  • Dust particles and fibres in the atmosphere

What we do

  • Ventilation hygiene – Reduction in “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Duct cleaning – Decontamination of systems
  • Bacterial sampling and completion of full analytical report
  • Provide photographic evidence along with full report that details air flow rates and specific recommendations.