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A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a device that controls water temperature for baths, showers and other outlets by mixing hot and cold water to produce a temperature-controlled flow that reduces the risk of scalding. TMVs should be serviced at least annually to ensure that they maintain the correct temperature and meet regulation requirements.

What we do

  • The TMV will be accessed and a failsafe test carried out by isolating the cold supply into the valve and the hot tap turned on with a temperature probe reading monitored to check if the hot supply cuts off before the temperature increase above 50oC.
  • Once the failsafe is complete the valve will be isolated, and if valves are present and in good working order then stripped down to complete a clean, descale and disinfection of strainers using a suitable disinfectant and descaler.
  • Once complete, the valve is flushed through and re-assembled and put back into service with the hot temperature set to between 39-43oC.
  • If a valve fails this test there will be recommendation made for the TMV to be replaced.
  • A report will be completed detailing the work completed on each valve with recommendations included.
Case Study - Healthcare

Water Management for Maria Mallaband Care Group

(MMCG) are one of the country’s leading care home providers covering nursing, residential care and caring for those with dementia or disabilities. With more than 100 elderly care homes across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands, MMCG is a leader in the UK care home industry that fully understands the needs and concerns of people in care homes.

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