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BrodexTrident provide chlorination and disinfection services for a variety of water systems, in accordance with BS8558. Hot and cold water services should be cleaned, flushed and disinfected in the following situations:

  • Where there is evidence of significant contamination or stagnation with the cold water storage tanks;
  • During, or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of legionellosis linked to the system;
  • Following water sampling results that indicate evidence of microbial contamination of the water system;
  • Where the water system is not used for a prolonged period and has not been flushed as recommended or the control measures have not been effective;
  • Where indicated by the legionella risk assessment;
  • Or if the system, or part of it, has been substantially altered or entered from maintenance purposes that may introduce contamination.

What we do

  • Our Engineers attend site and familiarise themselves with the systems concerned and warning notices are posted on all affected outlets to inform building occupants of the work taking place.
  • Cold water storage tanks are drained down using submersible pumps and all internal surfaces are cleaned and aqua vacuumed dry. The tanks are then refilled and sodium hypochlorite solution is added and left for required kill time.
  • For the water system, the sodium hypochlorite solution is drawn through to all required parts. System schematics are used where possible to ensure that all points are accessed.
  • On completion of the kill time, sodium thiosulphate neutraliser is added to the chlorinated system and, when all traces of chlorine are absent, the system is flushed through with fresh water.
  • On completion, the system is handed back over to the client and certificate is produced and uploaded to our Client Portal.
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