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A mains injection or pipe work chlorination is the process of disinfecting and pre-commissioning new private water supplies connecting to the mains, extending to a building's internal hot and cold domestic system. BrodexTrident have a long history working with M & E contractors to provide clean and disinfection services that will ensure the water system meets regulation requirements, whether it is for a new installation, major extension work or an alteration to the water system.

What we do

  • Chlorination services for disinfection, including pre-commsion cleaning, for a variety of water systems. Warning notices are put on all outlets affected by the chlorination work. 
  • Detailed method statements are provided to the client that show the entire process carried out by the Engineer.
  • Certificate of Disinfection is provided for evidence that the work has been carried out to the correct standard, copy is also made available for download on the Client Portal.
  • Microbiological samples to provide further evidence that the water system is compliant with regulation standards.
Case Study - Chlorination

Sampling & Chlorination for James Mercer Group

BrodexTrident were tasked with clean and disinfection of 7 seclusion rooms, in Ashworth High-Security Hospital, that had been refitted. This had to be carried out over a period of 4 months with high flexibility to book in the work on short notice to meet strict deadlines.

The James Mercer Group is one of BrodexTrident's continuously returning clients, that have trusted them with being their preferred local supplier.

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