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Closed water systems are susceptible to corrosion, sludge formation and bio-fouling. This can result in problems such as poor performance of the system, reduced economy and increased cost for maintenance and repairs. Materials to be protected can vary from copper, brass, alumium, iron, mild steel, stainless steel and others. 


BrodexTrident provide a number of water treatment services that will help ensure your system complies with HSE guidelines and reduces your maintenance costs.

What we do

  • Provide water treatment programmes that will mitigate against corrosion, deposition and biofouling, as per BSRIA BG50:2013.
  • Quarterly monitoring services to evaluate and ensure delivery of an effective water treatment programme.
  • System Health Checks on closed systems; chemical analysis of water samples with detailed report produced.
  • Chemical top up dosing, as required.
  • Supply and installation of side-steam (hydrocyclones) to remove historical corrosion and fouling suspended solids.
  • Supply and installation of chemical dosing pots.
  • Pre-commision cleaning, per BSIRA BG29:2012 and system cleaning & flushing to remove corrosion products.
  • Provide equipment that helps deliver an effective water treatment programme.
Case Study-Water Treatment

Birmingham Airport

BrodexTrident design bespoke water treatment programmes, such as at Birmingham Airport, that comply with relevant industry guidance and legislation. Our experience engineers are fully trained to identify system improvements and opportunities to reduce your spend on water and chemicals.

We provide clients with effective water treatment programmes that gaurantee optimal operation of their heating, cooling and plant equipment. This ensures that production, product quality and service provision is not affected by scale, corrosion or fouling.

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